Monday, June 4, 2007

MISRGO Evaluation - Grantee Satisfaction with Office Services

MISRGO provides administrative and support services to tobacco prevention programs in Arkansas. Fetterman & Associates are currently facilitating an empowerment evaluation of the program, helping grantees use evaluation to accomplish their objectives (with a continuous cycle of assessment and action).

One part of the evaluation includes assessing MISRGO itself, as a supporting office or set of services. Refinements and improvements in the Office directly benefit and enhance grantee work. MISRGO staff embraced this part of the assessment and helped generate questions for the online survey because they sincerely wanted to know what grantees thought about their services. In addition, they wanted to improve the quality of their services to grantees. They understood the chain of reasoning involved, enhancing services increases the probability of improving grantee success in meeting their tobacco prevention objectives.

The report is available to the public. It was generally favorable, they valued the services they have been receiving. However, they were also critical and suggested areas meriting attention. They also recommended a list of ideas for future workshops and services.

MISRGO is already processing this information and planning to adopt many of the recommendations associated with the report, including soliciting more involvement from grantees in future conferences. This is the first step in evaluating the office, additional activities will include a site visit, interviews with staff members and grantees, and a review of relevant documentation.

Friday, June 1, 2007

4th Annual Conference Clearing the Air in Communities of Color May 23-24, 2007

4th Annual Conference" Clearing the Air in Communities of Color

The conference received letters of support from Governor Mike Beebe, Mayor Carl Redus, Chancellor Lawrence Davis, Jr., Dean Calvin Johnson, and Program Coordinator Marian Evans.

Keynote Speakers included: Senator Henry "Hank" Wilkins, Broadway Joe Booker, and Kenya Masala.

Sessions included: Tobacco Use in the Asian Pacific Community, The Oxygen Project, Tobacco Use Among African American 13 Year Olds in Jefferson County,

Cease Project, Best Practices, Advocacy and You, Fire and Burns Related to Cigarettes, Improve Service Delivery by Embracing Youth Culture, Empowerment Evaluation Principles, Tobacco Control in the Latino Community of Arkansas, and Just Say Y.E.S. on the Move for Better Choices.

Dr. Fetterman presented the Closing Luncheon Presentation.

He provided conference participants (particularly grantees and evaluators), with an update on the status of the evaluation, including the Evaluation Monitoring System, the State-wide Community Survey Results, and the new Arkansas Evaluation Center.

In addition, a special video was presented highlighting the accomplishments of each grantee. (It was both inspiring and humorous as well.)