Friday, June 20, 2008

MISRGO Annual Evaluation Report 2008

Report. The Annual Report provides a brief summary of evaluation activities and accomplishments throughout the year. The most significant achievement by the group is presented in their Evaluation Monitoring System. To-date, the group has save the state $94,944,281.96 in excess medical costs. This is an increase of approximately $10,188,113.56 since last year. In addition, the Visual Alert System is being implemented this year. It involves the use of bar charts to graphically illustrate what kinds of activities the grantees are engaged in, as well as the frequency of these activities - across grantees. Additional accomplishments include workshop training, blogs, and publications. Plans for the Summer Evaluation Workshop (which is part of MISRGO training efforts) have been extensive, tailoring national talents to local needs. It has attracted prospective participants from as far away as Liberia and Ethiopia, as well as throughout the United States. It will be held July 10-11, 2008. In addition to these efforts, a certificate and masters program in evaluation is being planned. For a more detailed account of evaluation efforts see the complete report or contact Dr. Fetterman.

Clearing the Air in Communities of Color 2008

Clearing the Air. This year's conference began with Bishop Miles and a talk about "A Vision of a Smokefree Society." The theme was maintained throughout the conference with Kevin Collins (CDC) emphasizing capacity building and Onjewel Smith discussing tobacco industry techniques. Success stories were shared including presentations by Elroy Brown, Larry Owens, and Carolyn Yarbrough. Dr. David Fetterman provided a status update and workshop about MISRGO's empowerment evaluation efforts. He highlighted both the Evaluation Monitoring System and the Visual Alert Systems. Other speakers included: Lloyd Franklin (law enforcement), Ruby Trotter (youth), Misty Paschall (parent), and Bob Mathis (state government). Special presentations were made by: Wilma Houston (Asian Pacific), J.R. "Pinky" Few (Rural Community), Keisha Grigsby (African American Community), and Ruben Arana (Hispanic Community), as well as Advantage Communications. Dr. Benjamin helped to open and close the conference with the AR State PRIDE Youth Performance.