Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MISRGO Dissemination "Jackpot" - 2009

Dissemination "Jackpot" 2009. One of the charges of the evaluation is dissemination - getting the word out about MISRGO work. An effort is made throughout the year to disseminate the findings and the tools used in the evaluation. However, November and December 2009 represented rare opportunities for maximum exposure and dissemination of MISRGO work.

In addition to highlighting the MISRGO evaluation in a recent professional association training workshop (in the picture above), the three key dissemination outlets were:

  1. Professional Association Annual Meeting Presentation
  2. Scholarly Book Publication
  3. World-wide Recognition Notice About Scholarly Article Publication
Professional Association Presentation

Dr. Fetterman presented many of the technological tools employed in the MISRGO empowerment evaluation at the American Evaluation Association (November 2009).

The presentation was called:

Empowerment Evaluation: Technological Tools of the Trade

The following tools were discussed:

Wordle. Wordle is a powerful qualitative data analysis breakthrough. It is a form of content analysis that produces a visual image of the frequency of key words used in a text. The Wordle image below highlights comments about a MISRGO evaluation workshop. This tool, among others, has been introduced to the MISRGO grantees and evaluators (to help them gain an additional insight into the effectiveness of their programs). It is also used to communicate evaluation findings in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner. In addition, the use of MISRGO evaluation online surveys was discussed.

Digital Photography. The use of digital photography was also explored, using MISRGO case examples. The examples ranged from, a Clearing the Air Conference in Communities of Color to a MISRGO evaluation workshop.

Blogs. Blogs, like this one, were also shared to emphasize the principles of transparency and openness associated with the MISRGO evaluation.

Scholarly Book

Dr. Fetterman published the 3rd edition of Ethnography: Step by Step. This updated version of his popular methods book highlighted some of the MISRGO evaluation work. (The timing of the book revision represented a window of opportunity to highlight MISRGO evaluation activity.)

The examples highlighted in his book include: the Tobacco Prevention (MISRGO) blog, the MISRGO Empowerment Evaluation Collaborative Web Page, and the use of MISRGO online surveys.

World-wide Recognition About Scholarly Article

Sometimes exposure is a byproduct of a publication or presentation, instead of the presentation or publication itself. In this case, the American Evaluation Association recognized the popularity of Drs. Fetterman and Wandersman's 2007 article titled, Empowerment Evaluation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

According to the American Evaluation Association, their article was the most accessed American Journal of Evaluation online.

Since the article highlighted MISRGO evaluation work, it not only documented a very effective dissemination strategy, it also served as a "marketing tool" to enhance exposure.

[Reproduced from the American Journal of Evaluation,
Vol. 28, No. 2, June 2007, pp. 179-198]