Sunday, June 7, 2009

April 30, 2009 - EMS Online Collaborative Web Site Workshop

Evaluation Monitoring System Collaborative Web Site Training Workshop.

We focused on how to calculate the excess medical cost saved by each grantee.

Then we demonstrated how to post the bar charts, pictures, text, and related information on the Collaborative Web Site.  This web site allows each of us to create and update our own web page on our shared site.  The workshop was a useful training opportunity for new grantees/evaluators and a useful refresher for those who already generate the Evaluation Monitoring System information and use the collaborative site.  (The first page summarizes our collective data and can be seen in the top left corner.  Collectively we have saved the State of Arkansas over $94 million in excess medical costs (by helping people stop using tobacco).

Below is the Contact Information page of our collaborative web site, highlighting the individual accomplishments of our grantees (as compared with our collective data in the top left corner of this blog).

Dr. Calvin Johnson, Dean of the School of Education at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, welcomed the grantees and evaluators at the workshop (see below).

Evaluators and grantees contemplated the potential of this site and the power of combining our data instead of reporting only by each individual grantee.

We had a guest speaker during the workshop training.  Oluwakemi Talabi (Kemi) is a Tobacco Cessation Program Analyst from the Arkansas Department of Health.  She provided us with an update on the type of information we could expect to receive from the new vendors operating the Quitline.  It was impressive and and excellent opportunity to link up with the Quitline contact people in the Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program in the Arkansas Department of Health.  (See the contact information cards below.)

This is Kemi speaking to the group (below).  She was gracious and informative.

The Clearing the Air in Communities of Color Conference was held concurrently with the evaluation training workshop.  We were all able to attend parts of the conference including the skits (see below) which were very effective tools to reach minority youth.

After the skits concluded, many of the grantees and evaluators reconvened and discussed next steps with Dr. Fetterman.  Dr. Fetterman explained that he would be providing his comments on each of the mid-year reports (which he has already completed).  In addition, he would continue to provide additional technicals assistance until the Evaluation Monitoring System and Visual Alert System were used consistently by each grantee.  Dr. Fetterman also agreed to continue to provide additional one-on-one assistance concerning posting on the Collaborative Web Site (so that the information would be up-to-date and visible to the public).