Saturday, July 11, 2009

2008-2009 Annual MISRGO Evaluation Report

2008-2009 Annual MISRGO Evaluation Report. The report was issued July 11, 2009. The 2008-2009 MISRGO Evaluation Annual Report highlights many of the accomplishments of the year. They include a more focused view of evaluation objectives and the power of consolidating grantee interests and activities.

The Evaluation Monitoring System and Visual Alert System are tools that have been successfully employed in the field and sparked an interest in common data collection and reporting efforts in the future.

Ironically, the evaluation tools themselves have helped unite a diverse group of grantees and evaluators and initiate a dialogue about the power of speaking with a single united evaluation voice.

This report also discusses the range of evaluation training provided to build evaluation capacity among grantees and evaluators, ranging from formal workshops and exercises to informal one-on-one critiques and consultations. The aim of these training exercises is to enhance the quality of the current tobacco prevention work. It is also designed to enhance the quality of tobacco prevention evaluators in the State, building a stronger and more sustainable evaluation workforce for the future.