Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clearing the Air in Communities of Color April 28-29, 2010

7th Annual Conference at UAPB.  The annual conference highlighted MISRGO grantees' work.

Drs. Johnson, Benjamin, and Evans welcomed the participants and invited them to learn from each other.

The grantees presented many of their approaches to reduce tobacco consumption in their counties.  Billboards were used to send the message with a referral to the QUIT line.
Speaking before the Senate was another tool used by MISRGO grantees.

Another approach involves organizing youth. In this case, they were trained on how to:

  • pick up cigarette butts off the ground (from just outside the city council building)
  • present the cigarette butts to the city council (during a scheduled session)
  • explain how the chemicals in the cigarettes are leaching into the soil
  • recommend swift action, in this case recommending smoke free parks policies
Grantee Posters
(highlighted many of their activities)

The conference also provided grantees with an opportunity to consult with Dr. Fetterman about specific evaluation issues and concerns.  They also discussed the new evaluation plans focusing on establishing baselines, benchmarks, and goals.

Additional details about the conference, including digital video of the proceedings are available through  MISRGO and  UAPB TV.