Thursday, November 17, 2011

MISRGO Evaluation at AEA November 2011

MISRGO Evaluation at the American Evaluation Association.

The MISRGO evaluation dashboard was presented by Dr. Fetterman, Dr. Tremain, and Ms. Delaney at the American Evaluation Association, November, 2011.  (One of the MISRGO evaluation activities, in addition to monitoring and evaluation, is dissemination.  The presentation slides are available on this page.) The dashboard is being used by the MISRGO tobacco prevention grantees to monitor their performance.  

It consists of:  a baseline, a goal, and benchmarks (approximating the goal throughout the year).  They document their actual performance and record it on the dashboard and compare it with their benchmarks to determine if they are on track throughout the year.   This dashboard signals when a grantee is accomplishing their objectives and on schedule and when they are not.  If they are not on track, mid-course corrections are encouraged.

MISRGO Evaluation Dashboard

Dr. Fetterman highlighting the value of the dashboard to monitor progress.

Dr. Tremain discussing the importance of setting realistic goals.

Ms. Delaney emphasizes the role of SMART goals and objectives.

The evaluation dissemination strategies also include publishing articles and books discussing MISRGO evaluation activities.  The evaluation is mentioned in Dr. Fetterman's latest book, Ethnography: Step by Step (2010).  It is also highlighted in a popular (one of the most downloaded) American Journal of Evaluation articles titled Empowerment Evaluation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Fetterman and Wandersman, 2007).