Monday, April 23, 2012

April 5, 2012 Empowerment Evaluation Workshop (3rd Qtr)

The evaluation workshop began with an update on important news in the tobacco prevention field.  This included Mayor Bloomberg’s $600 million pledge to fight tobacco use, which was announced at the 15th World Conference on Tobacco and Health in Singapore.

    We also presented a brief review of MISRGO grantee status for Quarter II, which has already been reported to MISRGO and the Department of Health.

We highlighted the importance of continuing to follow CDC recommended activities, practices, and policies.

The empowerment evaluation workshop focused on data collection, monitoring and evaluation, specifically on the continued use of the evaluation dashboard.  The dashboard includes grantee:  baselines, goals, benchmarks, and actual performance.  It is used to monitor and evaluate performance.  The dashboard enables grantees to monitor their own performance and MISRGO to assess grantee progress toward specified end-of-the-year goals.  It also enables the empowerment evaluators to synthesize the information and document progress across grantees.

Time was devoted to success stories and responses to obstacles.  Grantees provided each other with recommended activities, techniques, and insights.  The effort was collaborative and constructive.  Grantees learned from each other and in the process developed stronger networks they could rely on throughout the year.

The workshop concluded with guidance concerning the use of social media, ranging from twitter to trendy advertising and marketing ideas.

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