Saturday, October 5, 2013

A World Wind Event: 1st Quarter 2013 MISRGO Tobacco Prevention Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

A World Wind Event:  1st Quarter 2013 MISRGO Tobacco Prevention 
Empowerment Evaluation Workshop

We welcomed our new grantees at the 1st quarter 2013 MISRGO tobacco prevention empowerment evaluation workshop.  It was a world wind session. We covered a lot of ground to make sure our new folks had both the big picture and the tools they needed to dive right into their monitoring and self-assessment tasks.

Like most empowerment evaluations, the training and conduct of the evaluation were synonymous and simultaneous.  We re-established the mission and took stock of our work at the moment.  This included prioritizing what we would evaluate right now and then rating how well we were doing in each category or activity.  (Download Workshop Slides).

Rating Our Performance

Engaging in Dialogue

Taking Stock Spreadsheet Projected on the Wall with LCD Projector  (Bar Graphs)

Highlighting a YouTube Related Finding (Social Media Marketing Assessment)

Dr. Beverly Tremain (empowerment evaluator in middle) and Katherine Donald (experienced grantee) 
Working Out Details Together (new grantee looking on)

Dr. Fetterman Facilitating Workshop

Linda Delaney (empowerment evaluator on left) working with a grantee

This prepared us for co-creating our plans for the future.  The group established specific goals focusing on improving media outreach concerning tobacco prevention.  The strategies ranged from traditional media, including television, radio, and newsprint to more viral social media tools.

In empowerment evaluation each step plants the seed for the next.  Once the new group’s goals and strategies were clearly established it was time for them to monitor their progress.   The new group was lucky because the larger group had already adopted an evaluation dashboard to monitor program performance.  

A Dashboard from Last Year

The dashboard consists of:  goals, benchmarks, and baselines.  Once these parts of the dashboard are created the only thing left for grantees to do is enter their actual performance.  This allows them to monitor their performance throughout the year, comparing actual performance with their benchmarks and goals. 

We stopped for a semi-working lunch.  (We participated in a tobacco policy webinar during the lunch.) That was just the morning.  I told you it was a world wind event.  We knew it was a bit of a fire hydrant approach for brand new grantees (only onboard a few days) but they absorbed the material and jumped right in (and completed their dashboards correctly).

After lunch we reminded them of the resources and support  they all have, starting with the MISRGO main office, their empowerment evaluators (Linda Delaney, Beverly Tremain, and David Fetterman).  We also reminded them about the resources we had already shared with them in our newsletters, including the Campaign for a Tobacco Free Kids Arkansas site, our tobacco prevention blog, CDC material, and a host of healthy community indicator sites.

We did not stop there.  As long as we had everyone together we explored the use of social media tools in more depth (including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube).  We also took some time to explain the power of infographics and datavisualization in evaluation and tobacco prevention.  A few programs on the web designed to help produce infographic included: and info.gram.

Info.gram Infographic

As you can see it was a productive day together.  It always pays to take time to get together and get a solid footing before launching into the new year.  Many thanks to the “old guard” who attended as well as models for the new group. (Click here for a copy of our slides.)

Thumbs Up - A Good Immersion Experience

Dr.  Marian Evans-Lee - MISRGO Program Coordinator