Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tobacco Prevention Empowerment Evaluation Workshop: Closing the Gap

Empowerment Evaluation Workshop:  Closing the Gap

The focus of this workshop was on discussing 3rd quarter program outcomes.  We are using the evaluation dashboard findings to facilitate the discussion, comparing our actual performance with our quarterly benchmarks and annual goals. The news was positive.

Approximately 73% of the group had met benchmarks or exceeded annual goals, concerning eliminating exposure to second hand smoke.  The remaining results were even more encouraging: 80% preventing initiation; 80% promoting quitting; and 86% addressing disparates.

The dialogue was even more important.  We shared what was working and what was not working.

Grantees jumped in to encourage each other and provide constructive suggestions to improve each other's work.  Two grantees were concerned that they were not being successful reaching out to Spanish speaking members of the community.  Two Spanish speaking grantees volunteered their services to help translate pamphlets and recruit translators for them.  We made connections right there and then.

We also discussed resources ranging from CDC documents to the Community Commons, which is used to literally map out tobacco used across the State.  MISRGO staff were also highlighted as resources that we can use to ensure quality work.

We committed to closing the gap at the end of the workshop - doing our best to help each other do our best to approximate the annual projected outcomes.

The slides for the workshop are available here on line.